Ratio culture is more than meets the eye – boost your own profits

Many employees work in such businesses that treat employees and their families like dirt. Unfortunately, these businesses have a high rate of employee turnover. Unfortunately, these businesses fail to recover from employee turnover. Why do business owners and CEOs fail to understand why employees leave the business?

In the past nonprofit corporations have engaged in careful recruitment of employees and then carefully selected those they felt would be a good fit for both the organization and the individual. This type of recruitment is usually wise and allowed the business to get to know the individual and provide the individual with many opportunities to succeed. Unfortunately, that type of approach is no longer sufficient. These days with the advent of the fortune 500 companies, business owners are failing to create employee cultures that in turn increase business profits. Not only have business owners failed to create excellent employee cultures, but they have also failed to create a business culture that attracts and keeps quality employees.

If business owners who understand the value of happy, motivated, and paid employees who contribute to the bottom line provide the opportunity for them to try new things, they will reap the rewards with a loyal, motivated, and paid organization. In order to improve business profits, business owners and CEOs who understand the value and the potential of the business must develop the desired culture that allows employees to feel empowered, excited, and challenged to do better than they have ever done in the past. Let’s take a closer look at what business owners and CEOs can do to produce a culture that will attract quality employees and increase business profits.

In order for businesses to create the desired culture of higher employee productivity and higher business profits, the business owners and top leaders must do the following.

  1. Provide the opportunity for employees to follow a daily routine with flexibility. In order to allow employees to feel empowered and to feel safe, owners and CEOs must provide flexibility in the daily routine no matter how big or small the task.
  2. Provide opportunities for employees to demonstrate commitment to the company mission and purpose. Owners must do this by asking employees to provide creative solutions as to how to better improve the business and its operation.
  3. Provide ways for employees to improve their communication skills and to do their jobs more efficiently.
  4. Provide opportunities for communication between groups and individuals.
  5. Provide opportunities for employees to work as a team.
  6. Ensure that all employees are satisfied with their employment.

I strongly believe that the first item on the list every business owner and CEO must do is safeguard their employees, their families and their businesses. Business owners and CEOs who fail to ensure employee safekeeping will be in direct competition with those who take their responsibility seriously and provide the specific security that owners and CEOs have failed to provide.

It is important that business owners and CEO don’t view their employees as simply a means of improving their bottom line. However, when owners and CEOs put their attention on the employees as the most valuable asset of the company, both the owners and the employees will create the quality culture that the business needs in order to thrive financially and as well as socially.

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